“Encounter Art” is a term I use to describe the relationship I have with my work. The main reason my work differs greatly is that I paint what I encounter.

The moment has a lot to say as to how the art will appear. In searching for that feeling, the visual that may best describe what is being witnessed varies. It’s about looking for what is unique about a moment or a vision, focusing on the uniqueness and not the familiar. It’s not about using a technique or painting style because the manner is familiar or sure. It’s doing it because of the inspiration or the moment.

Sometimes the moment presents the opportunity, whether it’s painting night at night or painting rain when it is raining. Sometimes Encounter Art is the art of opportunity -- the art that is presented because the palette has been extended to include the weather. The painting below (shown in detail) was done as it was snowing, mixing acrylic and snow, crystalizing the paint much as frost forms on windows.


encounter ART

Some thoughts that guide my work:

The facts are what you see; the truth is what you feel.

That which cannot be explained matters in art:

Creativity is often letting go of certainties.


This drawing was done with a water-based ink as it was snowing.

This next painting was done at night at the lake as it was raining.

The rain left its mark in the acrylic paint.